Monday, April 21

A Relaxing Weekend

So we don't have any pictures because we never remember to take any but I can narrate our lovely weekend for all of you. First of all the weather was wonderful! It was pretty much perfect in my estimation.

Thursday was a tough day for me (Mel) for a number of reasons. First of all our sink broke while I was home alone and flooded our kitchen. Not fun! Then in my search for my landlord to come and fix it, I locked myself out of my house. So while I'm outside I figure well, I'll catch up with the family and call my mom. Mom informs me that my Great Grandmother died on Tuesday. So needless to say by the time that Adam came to let me in I was a mess. Luckily I got to go out to ice cream with some of my favorite girls, which distracted me for a bit, but I was a mess all that night. RIP great grandma poor! She was well into her nineties, so it was a blessing but still hard to hear nonetheless. We will have a funeral to attend probably next weekend at some point.

So my husband being the sweetheart that he is, called out with me on Friday. We were in no condition to go in to work after being up all night. The day turned out to be exactly what we needed and after sleeping in, we spent as much time as possible lounging outside, soaking up the warm weather and the good company :)

The rest of the weekend also went fairly well. Saturday we spent a lot of time outside running errands and yardsaling. We stopped by one hot garage in Salem and visited with the McClures for a bit. We will be sad to see them leave :(

On a completely unrelated note, as I was typing, Jane came and placed his face into the crook of my neck and cuddled for a good solid ten minutes. Sometimes we remember why we love him. He spent the entire weekend sitting in an open window. Whenever we close it now he starts up this mournful little whine and he sits on the table staring regretfully at the window anyways.

Ok so back to the weekend. Yesterday we went to church, and then down to the Roys house for a meet the new baby barbeque! Yum! Henry is adorable, and anyone who wishes to see pictures should go to (brother in laws website)

I think that's all for now, we're excited about the ultrasound a week from now!

~The Roys

Monday, April 14

The first appointment.

Well I'm home from being poked, prodded, scraped, manhandled and otherwise abused. And I'm sad to say that we are less pregnant then we thought :( Everything was going so well until it came time to hear the heartbeat. They were saying eleven weeks, and the due date was going to be November 2nd. Then they couldn't find a heartbeat so now all of a sudden I might only be seven or eight weeks!!!! I feel personally betrayed. I just got negative pregnant!!!! Grrrrr Oh well. The good news is that there's a baby in there, and neither Adam nor I passed out during the proceedings today. We have two appointments in two weeks (two on the same day) and one is to have an ultrasound done to determine the due date. The other is to meet with the midwife again and try again to hear the heartbeat.
Those don't seem to come with the pain this one did so I'm excited! :) And by the time I go for the third appointment we scheduled I'll be all graduated! Hoorah!

Friday, April 11


So graduation is just around the corner for me... which is both frightening and exciting. And I've already been asked what I would like for a graduation present from a couple of people. So I've given this a bit of thought and I've decided that what I would really love for graduation is a break from life. (ie a vacation) Everything has been a little stressful lately and I think it would do Adam and I good to get away for a few days. So there you with that what you want :) Oh, I also would like a car...but somehow I don't see that happening.

First baby appointment this Monday! Keep those prayers coming.

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