Thursday, May 27

How we spent our third anniversary

It was a wonderful evening full of giggles and splashing!  Although it definitely was not the classiest dinner ever.  We were going to grill steak and make some yummy sides, but it turned out to be like 100 degrees and disgustingly humid!  Way to hot to make Adam stand over the grill.  So we decided that we would just have life cereal for dinner and drag out the kiddie pool to dip our feet into.  I don't think I have ever felt more like white trash in my entire life.  I suggested that Adam might want to have a beer with that cereal to complete the picture, but we didn't have any and it was too hot to move go get some.  But I actually think this was my favorite anniversary so far!  I suspect it had something to do with a certain little peanut's belly laugh and super awesome dance moves.

Don't worry we did celebrate our anniversary properly last weekend with two nights sans peanut, which was wonderful.  We went into Boston and had a leisurely two hour dinner at Fire n Ice (love love that place, not sure why!), then proceeded to walk all around Boston enjoying each other's company.   At one point we just laid out on the grass for a bit just doing nothing.  It's been a long time since I've just laid on the grass and relaxed.  It's nice. I miss it.  Then Saturday morning we went to see Iron Man 2 (which was actually surprisingly enjoyable) and then spent the afternoon at this pretty oceanside park in Manchester.  In the evening we had a Border's date (hot drinks + books = heaven) and Sunday morning we went grocery shopping.  It was perfect.  Although, I have to admit, I missed my baby girl quite a bit come Sunday morning and was super excited to see her!  She did super well at Grandma and Grandpa's house though and was thoroughly spoiled with a trip to the YMCA, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  We had a very tired little girl on our hands. 

 Perfect, perfect.

Happy Three Years Adam!

Tuesday, May 25

There's poop on my floor...

    So after sitting with the peanut literally all afternoon in a sweltering apartment, reading book after book after book, what do I have to show for it?  A huge pile of poop on my floor. (Again!) So here's the potty situation update.  I've been a total slacker at it.  We did one naked week, and then one week of being naked after naps and first thing in the morning.  And then we did nothing for the next week.  Drats.  Not my proudest mommy moment.
  But I thought that we had at least made progress.  She has been telling me when she has pooped in her diaper by saying "uh-oh" and holding her nose (which is actually really cute).  So after a whole afternoon of no pooping I knew that we were due for a big one.  (she's very regular, twice a day usually, although not at scheduled times which is annoying- we never know when they will show up)  She was a little farty so I sat her on the potty for ten minutes, and nothing.  I go into the kitchen for two seconds to refill her cup and I come back to her calmly standing over her poop.  She's like a ninja pooper!!! There were no sounds, no grunting, no tell tale "uh oh" or "stinky".  There was no frantic running to the potty.  She was literally coloring away while poop slid down her leg.  Classy, I know.  I have a feeling this whole potty training thing is going to take a while... and maybe a bit more consistency on my part.

::sigh:: Not my best mommy day, thank goodness she won't remember any of this.

In other news, my cat also decided today was a good day to poop on the floor.  What is going on around here?  I swear if Adam comes home and poops on the floor I'm running away, and that's a promise. 

Friday, May 21


Sorry I've been slacking at updating this!  Things got away from me this week due to a total lack of sleep.  Peanut is notorious for waking up every twenty minutes on teething nights.  Luckily these hellish weeks are generally followed by at least a week or two of really good sleep!  (knock on wood) But the fantastic thing is that she now has 16 teeth and that is all she should (again knock on wood) be getting for at least 6 months.  So let the sleeping through the night recommence!!!  I choose to be  naive optimistic about these things.

In other news, I'm wicked excited about this weekend, which is Adam and I's anniversary weekend!  Our anniversary is really the 26th but my family is taking the peanut for the whole weekend, so we're celebrating starting tonight!  A hotel was not really in our budget this year, but this is just as good.  We are heading into Boston for dinner and drinks tonight and tomorrow we are seeing a movie!!  As my husband would say (he's a weirdo quirky) "Huzzah!"  It is our third anniversary and we still love each other so in your face ridiculous American  divorce rate!

But anyways, as an apology for being such a slacker this week, I offer you these pictures.  The first is a fairly decent shot of the hubs and I.  The second is hysterical. 

Here's to hoping this weekend lives up to expectations! :)

Thursday, May 13

Potty Training Update

So it's been almost two weeks since we started potty training, and I had yet to post the embarassing "on the pot" pictures.  So here are a few of my favorites, or at least the ones I feel comfortable sharing online.

Above we have singing on the potty

Awesome butt shot of both my girls!

A sexy lip pout

Strategically placed book!

And this one is just pure joy.  Yes, that is her happy face.  We've been over this ;)

Monday, May 10

The shirt that almost ruined my Mother's Day Weekend....

    I have been feeling a bit frumpy lately.  (Well actually since I had Emma, so 18 months ago) Well actually maybe since about six months into the pregnancy (so 21 months ago)!  My body does not look like it used to look.  It is decidedly more lumpy, stretch mark laden, and just larger in general.  I still have about 8 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight.  But even if I lost all the weight, I still wouldn't look the same.  My rib cage is larger, my boobs will never be the same, and I have a lot more skin around the tummy area than I used to. Not to mention that my already wide hips are wider still.  Not to complain or anything...  I do also have the most beautiful, little girl in the whole stinking world to show for it. So I guess it was a fair trade. :)

   But anyway, on a typical stay at home mom day, I throw on jeans and a t-shirt.  Then I throw my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun type thing and am on my way to the playground or on a walk in an effort to tame my lower half and stomach back into that shape I never appreciated as much as I should when I had it. (seriously, I wish I could go back in time and tell that 22 year old girl just how hot she was!)  

Ok back to the present and the Frumpy, frumpy frumpy. It also doesn't help that most of my clothes were purchased (pre baby) in an effort to showcase my previously very flat tummy.  Now they just make me sad. I used to long for summer to come so I could shed the bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, lately I miss them.  So I decided that for Mother's Day I was going to buy a few shirts that were figure flattering and made me feel good about myself.  Yes people, I am that shallow.  Go ahead and comment about how it's what is inside that matters, but I know the power that a flattering shirt has over my self esteem and I'm going to choose to work with it instead of fighting it!  So the family is packed up and it's off to the mall.  Adam is going to take Emma to the mall playground she loves and I will shop in peace for a whole hour!

Did I mention the fragile self-esteem I was clinging to? Well, whatever self esteem I had was brutally murdered by this little number:

Gorgeous right? Super feminine and flattering!  I saw it on a rack on the way to the dressing room and fell in love with it.  I wanted this sucker, bad.  So I grabbed a few sizes and tried them on.  When I couldn't even get the small size over my shoulders I didn't panic, I just reached for the medium.  When however the medium one didn't even come close to buttoning and wouldn't fit over my boobs at all, I felt the tears coming.  But  I bravely swallowed them and calmly left that stupid store with it's stupidly small sizes and trendy clothing for people who clearly don't have any curves at all and will probably die alonewith their cats   way too perky sales people.  Then I went and found my husband and tried not to cry until he asked me what was wrong and was too nice to me and I lost it.  Tears streaming down my face... Perhaps not my proudest moment.

Fast forward to Mother's Day, (the next day) when I decided to try the whole mall thing again.  See?  I can be both forgiving and gracious.   I even decided to give the evil Forever XXI store a second chance.  And they redeemed themselves in a big way!   Turns out that shirt I was looking at, is actually a dress for little girls.  Who knew this store even had a little girls section???? There was no indication on the tag that it was supposed to be worn by pre-pubescent eight year olds.  There should have been a huge GIRL'S sign on the wall somewhere, right?  I looked, there wasn't.  Also who designs dresses for little girls with that many buttons on the front? Clearly they have never dressed a child in their life.

And that, dear friends, is the story of the shirt that almost ruined my otherwise lovely Mother's Day weekend.  Let this be a lesson to all of you to always know what section of the store you have stumbled into.  :)

Thursday, May 6

New address

We are no longer found under

 instead we will now be using

So I'm not sure how this will affect the people following our blog, but make any changes you need to please because I would hate to lose you readers!

My Early Mother's Day Present


For Mother's Day this upcoming weekend I asked my wonderful husband for a "patio garden". My downstairs neighbors (whose father owns the house) have a super cute little backyard vegetable garden that they are very generous with. But I'm still jealous that they get to go outside and pick their own produce while I have to wait until they kindly leave it on my porch.
So anyways, two weekends ago we raided Home Depot and ended up with a strawberry plant, some mixed wildflower seeds, a tomato plant, some carrot seeds and various herb seeds. Hooray!
FYI, the correct term is "container garden" and if you google "pot garden" like I did, you will most likely be viewing some impressive examples of plants you definitely should not be growing on your porch. The above picture was taken last week through a screen door during the rain, so please excuse their poor quality. Aren't they cheery though? It makes me happy to open up my screen door and see at least a little bit of color!

Why I can't get a good picture

Here is evidence of me desperately trying to get a camera-worthy smile out of the peanut.

I always look at pictures of my friend's children smiling away and think "wouldn't it be nice to have a couple of pictures of Emma actually smiling?", but alas this is what I end up with when I ask nicely. I'm not sure where she learned that this weird facial grimace is what people call a "smile", but I sure hope it wasn't from me!

Also, I would post videos a lot more often if they didn't take so stinking long to post! This one has been uploading for over fifteen minutes now, and that's fifteen precious nap minutes that I could have been using to watch the Ellen show or to avoid doing the supper dishes. ::sigh::

Oh and on the potty training front, we made zero progress yesterday. And mommy gave in, put her in a diaper and took her to the park where she spent an hour and a half chasing bees, jumping in mud puddles and pouring buckets full of dirt on herself. But this morning, she started to pee on the floor and cried a lot until I sat her on the potty where she proceeded to have the rest of the Niagra Falls of pee. Progress? At least she knows when she is peeing herself and isn't content to stand there soiling my carpets anymore! There may be hope for this silly girl yet...

Monday, May 3

Crazy or Brilliant?

So I have decided to start potty-training Emma at the tender age of 18 months. I know that your initial reaction to this will involve the word crazy and probably a laugh at my expense, but really there is no real harm in trying! I have been waiting until some reliably warm weather came our way so that we could do at least three naked days in a row! (Emma, not us- although Adam likes the idea of everybody being naked for a ) Our potty training methodology is sort of hodge podge of various theories. I have a small, very comfy potty sitting in the corner of my living room (conveniently located next to Emma's bookshelf) And every 15-20 minutes I invite Emma to come and sit on her potty. So far there has been zero resistance to this because she loves having mommy's attention focused solely upon herself and her bowel movements. We read book after book after book and if she has peed or pooped while on the toilet she gets a small treat. If not, that's ok we'll try again in a little bit. We started a little bit this weekend, and she peed on the toilet twice! I smugly congratulated myself and thought, psssshh piece of cake!

Fast forward to this morning, when Emma stood calmly pooping all over my living room floor while drinking water and finishing up breakfast. (Ahhhhh! She usually makes a grunting noise or something!) I swooped in and placed her on her potty where she nonchalantly finished her ginormous disgusting poop and then clapped at her overall cleverness. So, I get her all cleaned up, and run into the kitchen to get the paper towel and carpet cleaner only to find her playing in her own poop. Awesome. (note to self: keep paper towel in living room and do not leave child alone with poop) I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of "learning" moments for mommy this week. Needless to say, she did not get a treat for that poop...

Oh well, the worst that could happen already did and we all survived. Also, the carpet cleaner worked great! Hooray for dollar store cleaning products that actually do what they are supposed to! :) Also, Emma sitting naked on her potty with a book is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I will probably post some embarassing picture that she will later hate me for sometime this week.
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