Monday, July 9

Asher at 9 months

Here are some of my favorite recent (some more than others) photos of you.  Notice all the smiling you're doing!  You really love your mama and the camera lately! And when you're not trying to grab the camera and eat it, you're pretty photogenic!

And here is a list of things that I want to remember about you at this age:

~ the way you snuggle up to your boppy to go to sleep

~ the way you play with my hair and necklace when you're super sleepy

~ the way you follow me around the room with your eyes when someone else is holding you and then you give me a huge smile when we make eye contact!

~ the way you flirt by smiling and then turning your head away and snuggling into my chest

~ the funny little noises you make when you see someone eating food that you want

~the way that you "sing" yourself to sleep sometimes

~how ticklish your belly and thighs are!

~how you think it's so so funny when your sister throws things in the air

~how you are obsessed with your poor sister's hair and pulling it!

~how chubby your little wrists and thighs still are!

~how you are obsessed with anything electronic and totally stubborn about finding it when we take it away from you

~how super fast you are at crawling!  Crazy fast! And how you are always getting into something!  You never stop for a second!

~how you crawl into my lap sometimes just to snuggle

~how you like to go totally limp and throw yourself all over the place

~how when I blow raspberries under your chin, you chuckle and then lift up your neck for me to do it again! 

~how you follow me around all day long babbling and holding on to my legs

~how you give us that "what the heck" face with one raised eyebrow

~ how you love to be naked and take off whenever I try to change your diaper

~how you are so intense and focused when you discover a new toy or object

~how you love to smack everything (inclusing mommy) when you are excited

and mostly how much joy and laughter you bring into our lives every single day despite how tired we are from being up all night long with you!

We love you so much little man!

*I couldn't even write this list without crying...I have a feeling I better keep a tissue box handy when looking back at this post in a few years!

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