About Us

Here the Story starts waaaay back in 2005.  Goofy boy meets gorgeous girl while gorgeous girl is scrubbing toilets at Gordon College.  Glamorous right? (You're totally jealous already.) They get along right away and procede to spend lots of time together.  The only problem is that gorgeous girl is dating somebody else pretty seriously.  They are friends for the summer and slowly realize that there is something more than friendship going on.  Goofy boy drops some not-so-subtle hints that he wishes he were Gorgeous girl's boyfriend.  Girl breaks up with other boy after some soul-searching, and immediately starts to date Goofy boy.  Scandalous I know!
Adam (the aforementioned Goofy boy), meanwhile has graduated from college where they both met, and is working at a crappy little recruiting office.  Mel (clearly the Gorgeous girl ;) )  works on not flunking out of school by spending almost every waking minute with Adam.  Exactly a year from when they started dating Adam proposes on a beach at sunrise by singing Mel a song he wrote for the occasion.  Meanwhile, Adam has quit crappy job and has absolutely nothing but his charming good looks to offer his bride to be.  She happily takes a risk on him and marries him nine months later in 2007!

The happy couple moves on to the college campus together for the summer.   (Yeah Bromley!!!)  Adam happily finds a new job that he likes a whole lot better.  Mel is still concentrating on not flunking out of college, while also completing a social work practicum and learning how to be a good wife.  At the end of the summer, they move into a small one bedroom apartment close to the school. Eight months later, Adam and Mel learn that they will be welcoming a small person into their lives.  (Nope, we didn't waste any time!)

Mel manages to graduate college three months pregnant and the happy couple moves again, this time to a modest two bedroom apartment, upstairs from the best landlords they could have ever asked for.  Peanut made her arrival on November 8th of 2008 and the couple hasn't slept since. (but we're still happy! See the smiles???)

So that brings us to 2010.  Here we are!
I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better.  We're not as weird as we seem at first.  Ok, so that's a lie, we totally are.  But we choose to view it as endearing and I hope you will too!

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