Monday, April 26

So swoosh Emma's bangs to the side, and we've got a Mrs. Brady cut going on here. Awesome...
I can't wait till it grows out of this awkwardness!

Friday, April 16

Mirror Mirror!

Thank goodness Emma only has a mirror twin and not a real one! I don't think I could handle two of her...

Thursday, April 15

Waking up with Daddy

Adam hates when I put pictures of him up here, but this one is just way too cute to not share. They're even both wearing white thermal shirts. She loves to snuggle in with her daddy and her baby.
Moments like this make the over-all lack of sleep worth it. :)

Wednesday, April 14

A Young Recessionista!

While out and about this weekend, I scored some sweet deals on some summer clothes for the peanut. So here is a peek into a small part of her spring/summer wardrobe!

Shirt: Dollar Store! 0-6 month dress, also happens to be the perfect size for a tanktop for peanut
Shorts: Target Easter Clearance (90% off) $ .40
Total: $1.40 (a shining moment for this frugal momma!)

Shirt and Bloomers: $2.50 in the dollar days section at Target. I thought this was a dollar, and probably would not have purchased it if I knew it was $2.50. Yup, sometimes I am that cheap.

Shirt:$5.00 Kohl's
Skirt: $5.00 Kohl's
After an $8.00 store credit was cashed in the total came to $1.98
And that brings us to a grand total of $5.88 for three brand new outfits, and one very self-satisfied momma.

A Kitchen Can be a Chapel

A child breathes in and out in the pattern of sleep,

The smell of soap lingers in the kitchen air

Dishes lay drying on the counter

and a cat purrs in the window.

A mother exhales, silently praying

gratitude, for this cup of caffeine bliss.

Thankful for the temporary peace

fragile, and fleeting and reverant.

Thursday, April 8

That's where your pee comes from...

Recently overheard in our apartment:

"Hot!" Emma says, pointing at her vagina...
and did I mention she also spends a lot of time standing in front of our window yelling at men in trucks? We're raising a classy lady here at the Roys!

So...she has been a tiny bit vagina obsessed lately. She's constantly pointing to it and asking me what it is. She's really into naming body parts. I had decided that I was going to be all PC and progressive and just tell her that it was a vagina, but then she said something that sounded a lot like vagina. And Adam and I decided we weren't ready for our one year old to go around pointing and proudly declaring vagina! Yes, I've read the monologues and I'm all for being proud of our vaginas but that doesn't mean I want my little lady to go around shouting vagina at Target. So for now I'm kind of dodging the issue. Here is a sample conversation:

Peanut: "Dis? pointing at her nose
Me: That's your nose
Peanut: Nose! clapping and happy shrieking ensues
Peanut: Eyes? poking herself in the eyes
Me: That's right, you are soo smart!
Peanut: Dis? grabbing her "down there"
Me: Ummmm that is where your pee comes from...

Hopefully that will satisfy her for a little while until I can come up with a less wussy solution to this vaginal dilemna. What do people usually tell their daughters?

Tuesday, April 6

new shirt for Emma :)

With the warm weather coming our way in the next few days, I was inspired to make Emma-Jean a top from some fabric I've had hanging around since a college project :) Patterns are expensive and I don't have a working printer to print one out, so I just made a pattern from a dress that fits her really well. I cut out the sleeves and strung a ribbon I also had laying around through the top and voila! A super simple, light and airy summer top is born in 30 minutes time! Next time I get a free hour I am thinking of making her a dress following this same pattern! Hooray for free clothes!
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