Friday, October 31

Still Waiting...

So we're just days away from our "due date" now. The midwives seem to think it's more like November 2nd than November 8th, so we're pretty much there. Emma could be here literally any day now! I am SO READY! We're still seeing the midwives/hospital staff twice a week, and we have our next appointment on Saturday. My bp has actually gone down quite a bit, and I've even lost a little bit of weight (due to swelling going down). My blood work has remained the same and luckily has not gotten any worse. And Emma has aced her last couple non stress tests! In fact she kicked the crap out of the monitor last time, we had to turn the volume down twice! That's my little lady! :)
We will start to talk about induction next week, but it's really much better for me and for Emma if I can just wait it out a little more and have her naturally. It's sort of driving me crazy not knowing when she will be here, but I'd rather have her healthy and have less risk for a C-section. So we wait....

Monday, October 20

Just an update

Lately Adam and I have been spending a lot of time with the midwives! For the past couple weeks my blood pressure has been a rollercoaster of concern and I have been ordered to "take it very very easy". And i promise that I have been trying to do just that, although October has proven to be a very busy month for us.

So this morning when we went in for our first appointment of the week, my blood pressure was down a little bit from last time, but still not good. Strike one. There was also a little bit of protein leakage in my pee. Strike two. So I was again sent down to the lab (where I am now known by name!) to get some bloodwork done. I just got a call from the midwife letting me know that my platelet level has taken a dive. Strike three. So I am scheduled to go to the hospital tomorrow and get a non-stress test done, as well as have my blood pressure taken again, and we'll see where it goes from there...

The good news from this morning's appointment though, is that I am 1 cm dilated! :) So something has started to happen... and all this morning I have been experiencing some cramps which might also be a good sign. Adam and I are just hoping and praying that something happens soon (either we make the decision to be induced, or she decides to come) so that we can get on with life and learning to be parents instead of spending our time driving back and forth to the hospital.

Also, I am so glad that we made the decision to switch our care over to the midwives because they have proven to be wonderful, caring individuals who have been very supportive and reassuring throughout this whole rollercoaster! And we're also very blessed that Emma seems to be pretty unaffected by everything happening to my body. She's still quite active and appears to be growing and perfectly happy!

Sunday, October 12

The world's most unflattering pregnancy photo

Here is Adam's contribution to our pregnancy memories. I still don't know how I let him talk me into taking this picture, but since it exists, might as well share the joy!

Now this is a party!

Did I mention it was an open bar? Sadly, for me at least, that translated into as many Coca Colas as I could possibly ever want! But it was fun to watch everyone else get merry :) No worries though, I'm pretty sure everyone made it home in one piece!

And I think this one just says it all really...

Dave and Sarah's wedding

Ok, first we'll get the serious pictures out of the way....Here's the obligatory belly shot. Less than a month left to go! 37 weeks and looking the part.

. Then these were taken before much drinking/carousing had taken place...

The beautiful bride and groom!!! :) It really was a very beautiful Cape Cod wedding.

And here we have Mr. and the soon to be Mrs. Frigon! Still pretty respectable looking!

Also at our table, we were lucky enough to have the lovely Emily and the ever serious Mr. Johnson.

More Maternity Shoot

These are some of my favorites from the shoot with Kat, but if you'd like to see the rest then you can follow this link:
If it asks you for an event key it is : Emma
You should also check out if you are interested in viewing more of Kat's beautiful work!

First Family Photos

These photos were taken by our very dear and talented friend Katherine McClure as part of a maternity shoot we decided to have done. She is also the same photographer that did all of our beautiful wedding photos! Obviously, we like her work :) Although I have to say that I think we were just as excited to have the chance to see Kat as we were to have her take our pictures!
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