Thursday, April 19

Asher at 7 months

So the little man has been quite busy lately!

I don't have any pictures of them yet because I get bit everytime I try, but he has managed to push in six teeth!! This has meant not a lot of sleep for anyone (except Emma) and a very messy, drooly baby!


He has also been busy trying to figure out how to crawl!  And he is super super close... right now he is managing a weird backwards scoot. (which I will try to get video of soon)  He also barrel rolls all over the place and can rotate his body around in circles (like a clock).  When his little bum makes contact with anything (a lap, the floor, a chair) he jumps and scoots on his rear. So even though he's not quite crawling yet, he is definitely on the move!  Can't leave this little boy anywhere unsupervised....

He is eating a couple meals a day of real (not milk) food.  He's really not at all picky and will eat anything we put in his mouth!  But his current favorite is ritz crackers.  I gave him one because we were out of his rice rusks and he got so excited!  And now everytime he sees the roll of crackers his little hands start flapping and his feet start kicking and he makes very excited noises!  He is also a very impatient eater, if we're not getting the food to his mouth fast enough he grabs the sppon away and tries to feed himself.  And recently he's even been using his super strong legs to try and get the spoon to his mouth faster! Also he yells at us when we're being too slow.  He really likes to eat....

     He is also begininng to babble. He says Da da da da dee da deee  a lot (of course no love for the mama) and he does a funny little chuckle. 

 He thinks his sister is super interesting and is always trying to grab her or get her attention by yelling at her.  And she is still the one who is able to make him laugh the hardest.  

In general he's still a generally pleasant little guy and we like having him :)


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