Tuesday, August 26

August Weekends

So recently we've had a few busy weekends. On Saturday August 16th our good friends Matt Johnson and Esther Kim were married. The wedding was gorgeous (as was the bride)! The reception was lively, and there was a lot of dancing going on (which may have had something to do with the open bar :P ) Unfortunately because it was nighttime and it had rained earlier, we didn't get many good pictures. But we did get one good one of the two of us :)

On the Sunday after the wedding, we went down to the Cape and spent a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon with the Eckmans :) There was a three and a half hour Munchkin game and there were ice cream sandwiches! We don't have any pictures of that either (we will have to get better when Emma makes her arrival!)

And then this Saturday Adam spent the day in Boston and attended the Neil Diamond concert (with free tickets from work) while I spent a wonderful afternoon with the Kreylings! Yay for good friends! We had tacos and they were delicious... And when I got home our power had completely gone out! And the landlord wasn't home, so I was a little concerned. But I was very brave and found candles and a flashlight all by myself! But I would not venture down into that basement.... In the morning we found out that the cords connecting our house to the pole outside were old and crappy and loose and it was soon fixed.

And Sunday, to celebrate mom roy's birthday we went for a boat ride on the Charles River in Boston. It also was very relaxing, and there was a ton of wonderful wonderful food! We did manage to take a couple of pictures from that excursion. So here they are.

Only 74 more days till Emma's supposed arrival! Ten weeks!

Monday, August 11

Preggasaraus Pics :)

This was taken at the Gloucester Arts Festival on July 3rd, so I was about 23 weeks along. Just a bit of a baby belly! And then I proceeded to leave my camera at my parents house and didn't take any pictures until last night! I am now 28 weeks along and as you can see am carrying a very healthy baby belly! Emma is kicking constantly (especially at night) and sometimes I can even feel confident saying things like " Oh that's a foot, or that's her butt in my ribcage!"

I swear that I don't look this huge from the front! But whenever I catch my sideways reflection, it always makes me stop and stare for a little while. Less than three months left to go!

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