Tuesday, May 27

More Belly Shots

Me and baby Royling at 17 weeks on a beach on West Island. Adam and I also celebrated our one year anniversary with family on Memorial Day! It's gone by really quickly!

Tuesday, May 13

Thank You Roys!

For our "one year anniversary/my graduation" mom and dad Roy sent us away to Kennebunk Port Maine for two nights. It was very relaxing, and we got oceanfront rooms! It was a little cold on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was gorgeous! So we finally got to spend some time on the beach. Thanks Roys! It was much needed and appreciated.

Baby Belly Emerging!

So these didn't turn out quite as flattering as I had hoped, but for all of you who haven't seen the belly in a while, it finally popped a little!!! In fact, I've been getting comments in public (some of them awkward!) Oh and that is sparkling grape juice and not wine on the table in the background for any of you who were concerned!

Our Little Peanut!

This post really is overdue, and I have to apologize! I promised everyone I would post these as soon as possible, and then time got away from me. But these pictures represent some of the most surreal moments of my life so far!! Our little peanut is very healthy and active! It was such a blessing for me to see baby healthy and active on the screen. It has made the pregnancy so much more real to both of us. The official due date is November 1st-8th. As I am writing this I am somewhere between 14 and 15 weeks and eagerly awaiting baby's first kicks and movements!!! I'll try much harder to keep you all posted from now on.
This is Adam's favorite. Baby is sucking his/her thumb!!! :)
This is my favorite out of the pictures because it's a full body shot! Look at those little arms and legs! And that huuuuge belly. Can't wait to ticklet it! :)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

So at the very last minute on Thursday night Adam found out that he was getting 4 tickets to the Friday night Red Sox Game. I'm pretty sure that this was one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He's been talking about going to a game for months now. I could really care less about the game, but with free tickets it sounded like a fun experience. No one should graduate from the Boston area without at least one game!

So we brought along our very good friends the Kreylings! Poor Lauren and I had to wait two and a half hours for the game to start at 9:30 Pm!!!!! That is usually when we start to go to bed! We left at around 11:00 after watching the Red Sox score five times in one inning!
This was the view from our BOX SEATS!!!!! :) Even I got interested in the game. It's about ten times better in person than on the TV!
And this was just a very cool shot that Adam managed to capture. If you can click on it and magnify it then you should, because it's very cool.
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