Monday, January 21

Catch up part 2

Then we came home to reality; which in our case included living on the Gordon College campus in a Bromley apartment-style dorm. I worked for the Gordon College Summer Program while Adam went back to work at the law office where he works in paralegal like fashion. We enjoyed some fun dinner parties with good friends and looked for apartments.

We visited Six Flags with good friends, Dan and Kaitlin and took a much needed mini break from summer jobs.

We attended a beautiful wedding in which our friends Henry and Beth became Mr. and Mrs. Ferland.

And then it was time to move because our rent-free time was at an end. :(

So we moved into a cute little apartment in Essex (five minutes from school)

And after much persuasion on my part, Adam gave in and we adopted a little fuzz-ball from a shelter. We named him Jayne after one of our favorite characters from the series Firefly. We have since taken a lot of ribbing for this decision.

This is what he looked like then. He loved us and we loved him.

This is what he looks like now. Sometimes he loves us (and sometimes he seems to hate us). He likes to pretend to make our lives miserable during the day and then snuggle down on top of my head to sleep at night.

The next couple of months went well. Adam received a couple of promotions at work and is now a case manager at the law firm making enough for us to buy food and live pretty well. I had a very sucessful semester and ended up with a 3.85 gpa for the semester! (best one yet) And that brings you all up to date on our lives thus far as Mr. and Mrs. Adam Roy. :) Thanks for hanging in there during this lengthy blog.

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