Wednesday, July 2


So I neglected to post anything for the month of June...I'm a horrible blogger. But I'll try to catch you up really quickly.

We spent this rather frustrating month looking for apartments. And as of June 28th, we found one!!! Yay for perseverance and God taking mercy on us. Pictures will come... But in short, we're very happy with it. 2 bedrooms, dealeded, much more space, our own washer and dryer in the basement, and a seemingly wonderful landlord who lives downstairs!

On the bright side, there were a few happy moments for June. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! My parents threw them a surprise party at their church that went well! It was very cool and very inspiring to see them celebrating 50 years of their life together, and still very much in love. Another happy moment, was a reunion for me with all of my DCC friends in Pawtucket. It was wonderful to see everyone together again!

Ok on to the baby news.... We found out that it's a girl on June 4th! (which turned out to be a very busy and exciting day since Jonah Kreyling decided to make his arrival) Her name is Emma-Jean Nicole Roy. We know it's a little long, but we like it! She seems very healthy so far and is developing like she should be. It seems a lot more real now that we have a name to go with my rapidly expanding belly. I've gained seven pounds and I feel enormous! But I love watching the belly get bigger because it means Emma is growing. I can also now feel her kicks and movements. And sometimes when I lay down inthe evening, Adam and I can see my stomach moving. Much more entertaining than TV!

So I think that's all for the big June news, sorry there are no pictures! We really need to get better at that. People have starting getting anxious for new belly pictures. I will try to convince Adam to stop and take some soon!

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