Thursday, January 21

Meet Bella!

Introducing the newest participant in our crazy little family :) Her name is Bella and she was a birthday gift to me from my wonderful husband. (Nothing quite like a birthday gift that requires I clean up it's poop and feed it on a daily basis!) Just kidding. I've been "hinting" that I would like another cat for quite a long time now.
Bella comes to us from the Vines, where she has spent the last couple of years. They were sad to see her go (except maybe Dan- I don't think he was that sad), but since they recently acquired a small horse (otherwise known as Gracie their "puppy"), Bella has been a little unhappy. So we happily took her off their hands.
And so far she is fitting right in! She sleeps at the foot of our bed, which makes Adam very happy. He's pretty big on "cat's knowing their place" and not sleeping with their butts in his face. And Emma has only acquired a few scratches, which mostly come from trying to kiss Bella without obtaining Bella's permission. NO MEANS NO EMMA! And I get a second shadow around the house and also a babysitter for Emma. Ok, well maybe not that last part. We'll have to see how she does ;)

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