Saturday, January 2


This morning we decided to take advantage of the winter weather and go play in the snow at Gordon College. It was Emma's first experience with a sled and we were eagerly anticipating shrieks of delight!

Ok so not exactly delight... But at least she didn't hate it! We also picked up Emma's friend Lily (who was gracious enough to let us borrow the sleds!) I think Lily may have had a better time than Emma.

We also ran into a friend who was out helping Gordon out with snow removal. We went to visit Jake too, but I didn't take any pictures.

Here we have an action shot! I especially love how Lily's hair is totally covering her face.

Cold but happy...

All in all, a very fun way to spend an afternoon! And one heck of a workout for me and Adam. We will now commence the laying on the couch eating christmas candy portion of the day.

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