Thursday, February 25

Culinary FAIL

So the other day I decided that I could totally be one of those bloggers who occasionally posts some of their culinary or baking triumphs! I could take "artsy" pictures of the healthy, delicious and all around awesome food that I am making for my family on a regular basis (ok, ok- a semi regular basis) We were also running low on snacks for Emma, so I decided I'll bake us up something yummy. The recipe was called "cheddar pennies" and was supposed to taste something like the goldfish crackers Emma loves so much (fishies!) Oh, and for a hilarious point of reference, here's a picture of what they were supposed to look like:

So far so good, I have my roll of cheddar dough, now all I have to do is refrigerate, cut it into small pieces and cook them into delicious morsels of cheesy goodness :) Note the "artsiness" of my picture.

Ok so this is the part where it all falls apart... I open my oven, expecting to see little cheese crackers and THIS is what I am greeted with:

Remember how I included that first picture as a hilarious point of reference? Feel free to compare now, and commence laughing at the overall thoroughness of my fail.
No mommy no! I swear if you make me eat this, I will call social services on myself! Why would you ever do this to me? I thought that you loved me!
(Ok, that might be a bit of an exageration, but what she really said was: no, no. no. no mama in a really sad voice- but this really was her reaction I swear)

::sigh:: I think this might be a sign that I should stick to rants about motherhood and posting funny pictures of the peanut from now on...

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