Wednesday, April 14

A Young Recessionista!

While out and about this weekend, I scored some sweet deals on some summer clothes for the peanut. So here is a peek into a small part of her spring/summer wardrobe!

Shirt: Dollar Store! 0-6 month dress, also happens to be the perfect size for a tanktop for peanut
Shorts: Target Easter Clearance (90% off) $ .40
Total: $1.40 (a shining moment for this frugal momma!)

Shirt and Bloomers: $2.50 in the dollar days section at Target. I thought this was a dollar, and probably would not have purchased it if I knew it was $2.50. Yup, sometimes I am that cheap.

Shirt:$5.00 Kohl's
Skirt: $5.00 Kohl's
After an $8.00 store credit was cashed in the total came to $1.98
And that brings us to a grand total of $5.88 for three brand new outfits, and one very self-satisfied momma.


Fabulously Chaotic said...

Those oufits are adorable. I am not going to even tell you what I spent on my little girl for spring/summer. My way of justifying is telling my hubby- my 1st girl after 5 boys thing.

Jacob said...

Mel I am exactly the same way!! Love finding deals! Good job- the outfits are adorable!

Jacob said...

This is actually Lauren :)

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