Tuesday, June 29

How to Spend a Day Indoors

Eat a bowl of ice cream naked (watch out for the brainfreeze!)

Give Mommy a brand new hairdo!

Put on a fashion show!!

Oversized tanktop: hand me down
Bracelets:  The Dollar Store
Necklace: Mommy's High School Honor Society Medal

Hat:  A Huggies Swimmy Diaper turned sideways

Style?:  A la Emma-Jean

Take Goofy pictures with Mommy :)

Read Lots of books over and over again

                                                               Finish with a nice cool bath!

And that is how you spend a day indoors here at the Roys!

Also after Emma went to bed, mommy and daddy baked and decorated cakeballs. Now that is a good way to end a night!


mle said...

Looks like a fabulous summer day! : )

Jo said...

yay!!! I love the diaper and honor society medal :-) Super cute! I'm a new follower - how fun to see what you're peanut's into next (it's like my lil manual of what to come... thanks!)

Flobear said...

miss emma is way to cute

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