Wednesday, June 30

I would punch Jillian Michaels in the face if I could still lift my arms.

So I have about 10-12 pounds of pregnancy weight still hanging around my midsection. (and my stupid thighs)   And I've decided that since Emma is like 20 months old it's probably time to stop blaming it on her, and start actually working on it.  Of course it's still absolutely her fault.  Adam and I didn't get more than three hours of straight sleep for about 14 months? That pretty much means that I spent the last year in some sort of sleep deprived semi-coma.  I apologize if you had to interact with me in any way. I promise that I used to be smarter and more coherent.  Smart enough to graduate college anyways...

But back to the point I was going to make.  Which was...??? Oh yeah! I think I hate Jillian Michaels.  Look at that super smug picture on the DVD cover.  Don't you just want to punch her in the face?  I kind of want to after what she put us through this morning.  So this is a 50 minute workout, which means that if Adam and I want to do it together every morning (which we want to, except weekends) than we have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn. (otherwise known as 5:30 am)  And then once we have managed to roll ourselves out of bed, we are subjected to a torturous routine specifically designed to make it impossible to move for the next couple of hours.  But of course we have to move because Adam needs to make us money and I need to keep a toddler alive (which requires a lot of moving and chasing, mostly chasing)

Of course if Jillian Michaels is as good as she promises she is (and she darn well better be or I'm going to be very angry that I sweated my butt off needlessly) and can make Adam and I all hottified than I might change my mind about hating her.  Although somehow I doubt it. 

On a more serious note, my goal is to lose ten pounds by mid September; which means losing one pound a week. I'm going for attainable here, not ambitious.  I don't plan on dieting, just eating sensibly (and occasionally not so sensibly as I have a Godiva Date coming up that I'm pretty excited about)   Also we don't actually own a scale and are probably too cheap to buy one, so I will be going by how I feel in my clothes.  I'm not sure if that's a good idea or a bad one... Thoughts? Encouragement?


Meet Virginia said...

Sounds like a great work out! I totally need to get this!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Elsie said...

Haha! Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower!

Lauren said...

Ha- Mel, you are hilarious! I think we have a scale, if you want it. It just needs new batteries. Let me know. But you guys are awesome- stick to it. I will keep running if you guys keep doing your killer workout!

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