Thursday, June 24

New Stove and new recipes!

On the top you have my old crappy stove that required me to halve all baking recipes and still gave me iffy results.  Apparently the top coil of the oven stopped working (my guess is that it's been on it's way out since we moved in)  On the bottom you have my brand spanking new oven!  That is clean and shiny and beautiful. 
We have amazing landlords who ordered us a new and better stove 15 minutes after hearing ours was having trouble!  How's that for service?

Oh and here is another picture of  part of the rest of my kitchen in case you are interested.  I am super nosy and love to look at other people's houses.  So here you are fellow nosy people. Not huge, but I love it because there are so many windows so it's always bright and sunny!

If you look closely you can see my daughter playing with the scissors mommy accidentally left on the table.
I never claimed to be parent of the year....

So of course we need to bake up something yummy to thank our wonderful landlords!  Here are two recipes I've got my eye on:

Red Velvet Cake Balls by  Actually any of her recipes look amazing!  I'm thinking a chocolate cake inside with white chocolate outside would be delicious as well!

Irish Carbomb Cupcakes by Smitten Kitchen.  My friend Kat just recently blogged about them, and a few months before her brother and sister in law brought us some to share! They were amazing beyond words!  So good.... they even made a "virgin" one for Miss Emma-Jean.  I can't wait to try them myself!  Although I might just try a chocolate cake with that awesome Bailey's frosting and skip the ganache (I don't think I'm that skilled yet)

Ok, did I make you drool?  Because I know I'm  drooling over here just looking at these pictures! Now if it would just cool down enough to turn on the stove....

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