Tuesday, July 6

4th of july weekend

We had a very busy long weekend! Unfortunately I never remember to take our camera anywhere exciting, so the only  pictures I have of this weekend were taken in our backyard on sunday!  But I can offer you a written description of our activity.  The weekend went like this:

Friday-  Adam got out of work early, we worked on Emma's play stove (i'll post about this when it's done, so excited!) then he went to Beerworks for a guy's night while mommy stayed home and kept cool!

Saturday- Grocery shopping, then BBQ with good friends from our former church group, our friend Eric stopped by on his way home to Connnecticut so we fed him, then headed over to Marc and Katie's house for more BBQ action.  (experienced one of the scariest moments of my short life!!! Emma was almost really hurt- but she's fine)  Watched some fireworks, bed.

Sunday- took Emma to the playground, cleaned, took Emma to an awesome parade, saw Bruce, got Captain Dusty's !! Played in the backyard for a while (hence the pictures above) did some more cleaning, watched a movie relaxed, made dinner.  Bed.

Monday- Headed down to Upton, dropped Emma off with her "Nanny and Bappa" (she may have stolen the "bappa" from the Kreyling kids, it came out of nowhere yesterday!) went to see The Last Airbender, (it was alright), back to the in-laws, played in the pool for awhile, ate some awesome steak fajitas!, played in the pool again, then drove home.  Light dinner. Bed.

Pheeeew!  No wonder I'm tired today... and that is why we are spending today hanging out in the AC, and catching up on housework!  I hope everyone else had as good a weekend as we did! :)

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Lauren said...

what happened to Emma at Marc and Katie's??

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I am sad we missed the manchester parade at Bruce's house :( It's so fun every year!

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