Tuesday, July 13

Boobie Dookies (aka blueberry cookies)

Emma and I just finished baking the yummiest thing! I had to share it with all of you because it is easy, delicious and super cheap this week!  Stop and Shop has an awesome sale on blueberries (4 pints for just $5.00)  so of course I was all over that.  "Boobies" are Emma's favorite fruit of the moment.  She eats them by the fistful! So one pint went in the freezer, one in the fridge for morning snacking and two in this awesome blueberry recipe that I found at Smitten Kitchen

And for once, mine actually came out looking just like the ones in the recipe!  Hoorah!  Gotta love it when that happens...

And they taste just as good as they look.  It's a good thing I'm bringing them to a party tonight or I'd probably have the whole pan eaten by tomorrow. No joke.  They're that good.
Emma agrees:


Also this was my first time using lemon zest in a recipe, and I thought it sounded pretty gross at first.  But it turned out to be pretty easy and added a lot of yummy tartness to the cookies.  It was also Emma's first time helping mommy to bake something and that also went pretty well.   She stood on a chair and helped me pat the dough into the pan, measure out the sugar and flour, spread the blueberries ( aka she stuffed as many blueberries into her mouth as she could before we covered them with the second layer of crumby goodness) and helped scoop on the toppings.   She also "helped" me clean up the huge mess we made of the kitchen floor.  Then we finished the whole escapade up with a shower.  But it was worth the mess, she was so excited to help, and we encourage helping around here!


couture unraveled said...

Thanks for following!!! I am following back! mmmm...I can alomost smell that blueberry desert through my computer! You daughter is beautiful!!
have a wonderful tuesday!!

furygirl3132 said...

Those Blueberry Cookies look delicious! Your daughter is so cute, what a smile!
I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag-Along so glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading more. Have a great day!


Mama Hen said...

Hey there! Boobie Dookies! So funny and super cute! You have a new follower from TTA! I look forward to following you! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick!

Mama Hen

Evelyn said...

Your story left a big grin on my face. Nothing like boobie dookies to make a great memory. They look yummy. I just got 5 pounds at Krogers today. YUM

Happy TTA

Everyday Kathy said...

Yummy!!! Here from the Tuesday Tag-Along. Ah a Red Sox family!! Us too! And my girl likes to run around naked too... I suppose clothes are over rated!

Everyday Mommy

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