Wednesday, September 22

Need another vacation!

So Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately.... it's been a bit of a crazy week around here. (and not in the good way)

Peanut has been teething which means waking up frequently at nighttime and lots of tantrum throwing during the day!  This has put mommy and daddy a bit on edge, which makes us one big cranky family.  Also we had to throw over $500 dollars at our car after it failed inspection. (suck) Add to this various other small things (and one  disappointment that I can't talk about on here) and it's just been a stupidly long, emotional week.

We've also been taking lots and lots of walks in an effort to tire Emma out so that we can all get a good nights sleep!  It hasn't really worked, but it's probably good for us anyways... we could both lose a few pounds.

And on top of all that I decided that since Peanut learned how to climb out of her crib it was probably time to switch her over to her toddler bed.  Night one could have gone better.... she may or may not have fallen out of the bed sometime around 3 am, and I may or may not have slept only 2 consecutive hours...

If you want to see her new bedding, we picked up at Target today, click here (I kind of love it!)

Simply put, I've been a bit too drained of energy to do any sort of real blogging.  I apologize.

So in lieu of any real blogging, I will leave you with some more vacation photos.  I miss it so much already!!!

Oh man, that last one makes me want to go back and live there.  Who's with me?



Render Me Mama said...

Teething babies are the pits! Hopefully she can get a break soon and go back to sleeping well and not having tantrums.

Love the last picture too. I want to be there right now!

Hanna said...

I'm your newest follow from the wedneday blog hop. Your little girl is adorable. You can find me at

Pooja said...

Awesome pictures !
Love the compilation !

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Lightbox creative ideas !
visit me back @

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

What cute pictures!
You've been tagged...Hope you will stop by and pass it on!

Jessica Warrick said...

I have a blog award for you over at my clog so hop on over and check it out.

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