Monday, November 29

Christmas Crafts!

Now that we have celebrated Thanksgiving I believe it is now appropriate to fully embrace the Christmas season!  (Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday!- Christmas is a close second)
So I'll let you have a look at our Christmas activities so far....
     (Please keep in mind that I am not artistic by any stretch of the imagination, so if my Christmas tree drawing looks crappy please blame it on me and not on the artistic promise of my poor offspring!) Also she has only just turned two and been granted the honor of actually holding a glue stick.

A "pretty tree" according to Emma :)

 I'm calling this craft the "Charlie Brown tree", but surprisingly she spent like 20 minutes (an eternity in two year old time) hanging the "ornaments".   So I call that a success!

Thinking very serious thoughts, I'm sure....

And yes, we always craft wearing all our fine jewelry!

 And here we have mommy's super cheap and easy muffin tin advent calendar! The little circles are magnetized and will be filled with little treats in a few days!!!

And this one is just cute... she is seriously getting to be so big!

Happy Monday Everyone!



Lauren said...

I love the crafts, especially the muffin tin advent calendar! Awesome idea!
And you are right, she looks SO big in that last picture. Emma-Jean, you need to stop growing up so fast. You should remind Lily, Jonah and Kate too.

Anonymous said...

О! Muy agradable de hecho probablemente voy a descargarlo. Gracias

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