Wednesday, November 10

My little two year is….

           as evidenced by the pictures in this post

... Loving
    she has a checklist of places we have to kiss her before she can go to sleep :
         (cheek, “otha one cheek”, hair, nose and chin)

      she gets this from both mommy and daddy, she is incredibly    persistent

     when we won’t let her do things like watch TV all day long, or    eat cookies for breakfast

       she speaks in full sentences now, and is learning so many new  words a day I can't keep track of them

        She is not very good at sharing anything, and labels everything "Emma's" or "Mine" as in "my daddy and my       mommy" or "Emma's toys"

        She wants to help mommy do everything, and is often heard to say " I helping momma! I helping?"

       She tells me stories all the time now.  They usually involve      Thomas the Tank Engine and the "bad train"

... Definitely our daughter!

Wordish Wednesday


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Tammy said...

New follower here!!!

She is so adorable! Love the little piggy tails! :)

Have a good day!

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