Tuesday, December 27

A Glimpse into our Crazy

      We spent today re-arranging some furniture and reorganizing all of our stuff.  This happens every year around this time, because due to the generosity of our family we are generally inundated with new toys.  Thanks guys! :) Re-organizing is super good for us and it feels awesome to be in a newly organized apartment. One of the biggest changes is that the computer is now in the living room.  This should enable me to post blogs much more regularly. Because let's face it if it comes to blogging or hanging out with my husband and baby while watching my favorite show, I'm going to pick option A. This way I can do both and everybody wins. Yay.

So let's start with a photo dump from November.... Enjoy!

She's secretly a super ninja!

My boys, love these guys!

Little smirks :) 

Hanging with his big sis

 This is Emma pretending to be "mommy" in the bath, with her "mommy hair"

Hey blue eyes! 


Even sad faces are adorable!

And some ipod ones:

This is how we roll....

Sleeping in the corner of the couch

Hanging by the Christmas tree

She really likes to dress up...

And we'll end with this one because there aren't enough smiling baby pictures in the world  :) 


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