Friday, March 9

Asher at almost 6 months !

    Oh man, where has the time gone?  Seriously little man, slow down! You are hitting all your milestones so early and it's kind of breaking my heart. I am so proud of you, but can't you stay a little guy for just a bit longer?

So here is a list of what you've been up to recently:

~ You now have two teeth, your bottom middle ones, right around 4.5 months! Your sister didn't get her first tooth until she was seven months old, so these two snuck right up on us!  (I can't get a picture of them because every time I try to get a picture of them you bite me and it really hurts!  So you will just have to believe me)

~ You can roll over (as of about 2 weeks ago) Now you roll all over the floor, trying to put the whole world in your mouth! Little troublemaker... And I frequently find you with your little bum in the air, face first on the ground trying to move. You want so desperately to be in motion!  You are also clever and have found that if I place a toy on the far side of your play blanket, you  can just pull the blanket with the toy over to you instead of going to the toy.  So I also find you with the blanket all wrapped up around you chewing on the aforementioned toy. Victory!

~ You play with your toys, and are working really hard on being able to pick them up with your little fingers.  Sometimes you are successful, and sometimes this results in toys being flung around the room. You love your sister, and laugh and laugh at her! (Last night she was pretending to throw toys at you and you thought that was hysterical!) In fact, your first real laugh was at her pretending to throw herself at the couch.  I think you're a big fan of slapstick comedy!

~ You went on a special trip with just mommy and daddy.  Emma went to visit grandma and grandpa Postle for the weekend, while you stayed with us. It was wonderful to spend some time just focused on the three of us.  We went out to eat a lot and you charmed everyone in the restaurants! Seriously...everyone.  We got so many compliments on how well-behaved and smilely and adorable you were! People just can't seem to get enough of your big gooey smiles (who can blame them really...)  We went up to Maine and walked around in Kennebunkport, met up with our good friend Henry, and walked some beaches.

~ You love this one picture that we have up on our living room wall of your sister when she was about your age!  It almost always makes you smile, and you start to kick your little legs in excitement! I think you might be in love (too bad it's your sister!)

~ You are super chatty.  You babble "da da da de da" and something that sounds like "hi" over and over again, and you love to blow spit bubbles!  You make these really funny, startling screech noises when you get really excited, and now you laugh when you are tickled or when something strikes you as funny!

~ You are eating real food now twice a day and loving it!  So far you have tried banana, sweet potato, rice cereal, green beans, carrots, apples and mixed berries and loved them all!  I think sweet potato is still your favorite though (and your first)  You often try to take the spoon away from me, or "help me out" when I am going too slow for your liking.  And you also have a habit of spitting in excitement right as I am putting a spoonful in your mouth! This leaves me and you quite messy!

I have to go now as I can hear that you have woken up from your morning nap over the monitor.  You are singing and babbling away to yourself, and it's pretty darn cute!  I will try and get some recent pictures up here soon!

I love you little boy!

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