Sunday, September 23

Happy 1st Birthday Asher!

     As per usual I am posting this slightly late (mostly because our computer was "taking a moment" and spent the last two weeks freaking the heck out and not letting me do anything)  NOT COOL COMPUTER! But the computer and I have apparently made up and all is well again for now.

    Also I spent a lot of time preparing for our pirate themed birthday party. And then I neglected to take any pictures of the decorations.  ::hits head on desk::  And I totally forgot to take out the pirate eye patches I had for the kids and the pirate tattoos we bought, oh and the face paint! Woops. We did have a super huge jolly roger flag though.  Seriously... SUPER HUGE.  And it's currently sitting in my kitchen doing a whole lot of nothing except annoying me.  So if anyone is interested in throwing a pirate themed party let me know.  I will hook you up!

    And Asher be aware that you may be getting the same exact party when you are six and can remember and appreciate how much work goes into a themed party... or maybe you could just roll with the pirate theme for the rest of your birthdays. Cool? No?  Well, I tried.

 Annnnywhooo...... on to the cute pictures!

As you can see he was less than amused with my cupcake making efforts.  There are seven million pictures of him looking either very serious or in the case of the last picture, downright surly.  In fact when I first asked him if he liked the cupcake he shook his head no at me very seriously... (which was sort of adorable)

 There were other cute kids at the party too, like this little guy!  This is Isaac, he's Asher's cousin and he's only 1 month younger.  We like to dress them in coordinating outfits and take embarrassing pictures of them that they will later hate us for.  You're welcome guys!

ps.  the ones in the reindeer suit were Auntie Colleen's fault.

He really likes chasing things at the moment.  Such a little boy! Maybe I should bother to learn something about sports....

And then we opened presents and all of a sudden I was surrounded by a sea of little blonde heads! Most of them were wearing plaid (with the exception of Emma who was, of course, wearing fairy wings) And everyone was super helpful and I have no idea why I would be making this face:

Oh and the presents were super awesome!  Thanks everyone :)  We now have a lot more tools, aliens, wheels, dinosaurs and sea creatures in the play room now.  This has led to a more diverse playtime as the Disney princesses can now do things like riding dinosaurs to fix the helicopter or hanging out in a shark cage to escape the giant octopus, all before their teatime! (and in full ball attire)

  Asher's birthday festivities also included a church picnic (where he spent the entire time trying to escape me and conning other people out of their food) and a fun Monday night gathering where he was serenaded and gifted some more by the best group of friends we will probably ever find. Thanks guys!  We appreciate all of you!
  And Tuesday found us at the doctor's office bright and early in the morning as Asher's little cough had developed into a full blown virus complete with hacking cough, a waterfall of snot, a tummy "problem" and one super cranky baby who refused to nap.  But at least we had a good weekend....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!  There are so many people who love you so so much and are so glad you've spent the last year making us laugh and blessing our lives in innumerable ways.


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