Monday, October 20

Just an update

Lately Adam and I have been spending a lot of time with the midwives! For the past couple weeks my blood pressure has been a rollercoaster of concern and I have been ordered to "take it very very easy". And i promise that I have been trying to do just that, although October has proven to be a very busy month for us.

So this morning when we went in for our first appointment of the week, my blood pressure was down a little bit from last time, but still not good. Strike one. There was also a little bit of protein leakage in my pee. Strike two. So I was again sent down to the lab (where I am now known by name!) to get some bloodwork done. I just got a call from the midwife letting me know that my platelet level has taken a dive. Strike three. So I am scheduled to go to the hospital tomorrow and get a non-stress test done, as well as have my blood pressure taken again, and we'll see where it goes from there...

The good news from this morning's appointment though, is that I am 1 cm dilated! :) So something has started to happen... and all this morning I have been experiencing some cramps which might also be a good sign. Adam and I are just hoping and praying that something happens soon (either we make the decision to be induced, or she decides to come) so that we can get on with life and learning to be parents instead of spending our time driving back and forth to the hospital.

Also, I am so glad that we made the decision to switch our care over to the midwives because they have proven to be wonderful, caring individuals who have been very supportive and reassuring throughout this whole rollercoaster! And we're also very blessed that Emma seems to be pretty unaffected by everything happening to my body. She's still quite active and appears to be growing and perfectly happy!

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