Friday, October 31

Still Waiting...

So we're just days away from our "due date" now. The midwives seem to think it's more like November 2nd than November 8th, so we're pretty much there. Emma could be here literally any day now! I am SO READY! We're still seeing the midwives/hospital staff twice a week, and we have our next appointment on Saturday. My bp has actually gone down quite a bit, and I've even lost a little bit of weight (due to swelling going down). My blood work has remained the same and luckily has not gotten any worse. And Emma has aced her last couple non stress tests! In fact she kicked the crap out of the monitor last time, we had to turn the volume down twice! That's my little lady! :)
We will start to talk about induction next week, but it's really much better for me and for Emma if I can just wait it out a little more and have her naturally. It's sort of driving me crazy not knowing when she will be here, but I'd rather have her healthy and have less risk for a C-section. So we wait....

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