Tuesday, March 30

I got paid for my writing!

So yesterday I officially became a writer that gets paid! (sort of) Ok, so I only made about $.26, which is not a very encouraging daily rate, but the point is that a website is now paying me money everytime someone reads my article! Hooray! And if I got paid $.26 a day that's like $95 a year! And that's something...

I'm pretty excited about this. My new plan is to try and write an article for this site everyday. Sometimes they pay you up front, and sometimes it's just by the clicks. But either way, I'm writing! And I guess that's what really counts. Although, earning some money would be fantastic. Has anybody worked with associatedcontent before? Do any of you lovely people have advice for me?

Also, my daughter didn't sleep like at all last night. This makes me a bit unhappy and cranky. Time to hit up the coffee pot! (aka the magic life sustaining nectar)

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