Tuesday, April 6

new shirt for Emma :)

With the warm weather coming our way in the next few days, I was inspired to make Emma-Jean a top from some fabric I've had hanging around since a college project :) Patterns are expensive and I don't have a working printer to print one out, so I just made a pattern from a dress that fits her really well. I cut out the sleeves and strung a ribbon I also had laying around through the top and voila! A super simple, light and airy summer top is born in 30 minutes time! Next time I get a free hour I am thinking of making her a dress following this same pattern! Hooray for free clothes!


Chantal said...

Super cute!! Isn't making clothes fun!?!

Gina F said...

You did a fantastic job on making that shirt. Keep Up The Good Job. Your daughter is so ADORABLE. HAVE A NICE HAPPY DAY!!!

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