Monday, May 3

Crazy or Brilliant?

So I have decided to start potty-training Emma at the tender age of 18 months. I know that your initial reaction to this will involve the word crazy and probably a laugh at my expense, but really there is no real harm in trying! I have been waiting until some reliably warm weather came our way so that we could do at least three naked days in a row! (Emma, not us- although Adam likes the idea of everybody being naked for a ) Our potty training methodology is sort of hodge podge of various theories. I have a small, very comfy potty sitting in the corner of my living room (conveniently located next to Emma's bookshelf) And every 15-20 minutes I invite Emma to come and sit on her potty. So far there has been zero resistance to this because she loves having mommy's attention focused solely upon herself and her bowel movements. We read book after book after book and if she has peed or pooped while on the toilet she gets a small treat. If not, that's ok we'll try again in a little bit. We started a little bit this weekend, and she peed on the toilet twice! I smugly congratulated myself and thought, psssshh piece of cake!

Fast forward to this morning, when Emma stood calmly pooping all over my living room floor while drinking water and finishing up breakfast. (Ahhhhh! She usually makes a grunting noise or something!) I swooped in and placed her on her potty where she nonchalantly finished her ginormous disgusting poop and then clapped at her overall cleverness. So, I get her all cleaned up, and run into the kitchen to get the paper towel and carpet cleaner only to find her playing in her own poop. Awesome. (note to self: keep paper towel in living room and do not leave child alone with poop) I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of "learning" moments for mommy this week. Needless to say, she did not get a treat for that poop...

Oh well, the worst that could happen already did and we all survived. Also, the carpet cleaner worked great! Hooray for dollar store cleaning products that actually do what they are supposed to! :) Also, Emma sitting naked on her potty with a book is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I will probably post some embarassing picture that she will later hate me for sometime this week.

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Chantal said...

Hahaha. So cute! That is why we are doing panties, in case I miss a poop it will stay contained :) Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

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