Thursday, May 6

Why I can't get a good picture

Here is evidence of me desperately trying to get a camera-worthy smile out of the peanut.

I always look at pictures of my friend's children smiling away and think "wouldn't it be nice to have a couple of pictures of Emma actually smiling?", but alas this is what I end up with when I ask nicely. I'm not sure where she learned that this weird facial grimace is what people call a "smile", but I sure hope it wasn't from me!

Also, I would post videos a lot more often if they didn't take so stinking long to post! This one has been uploading for over fifteen minutes now, and that's fifteen precious nap minutes that I could have been using to watch the Ellen show or to avoid doing the supper dishes. ::sigh::

Oh and on the potty training front, we made zero progress yesterday. And mommy gave in, put her in a diaper and took her to the park where she spent an hour and a half chasing bees, jumping in mud puddles and pouring buckets full of dirt on herself. But this morning, she started to pee on the floor and cried a lot until I sat her on the potty where she proceeded to have the rest of the Niagra Falls of pee. Progress? At least she knows when she is peeing herself and isn't content to stand there soiling my carpets anymore! There may be hope for this silly girl yet...

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Robert Lucas said...

here's a tip: make some sort of funny sound that you know that kids will start laughing when they hear it. 2-year-olds are quite set in the fact that usually they won't necessarily smile if you actually ask them. It's their way of , in a since, declaring their independence by saying "I don't have to do what you tell me to do." It is not until later, like 4 years old, that they learn that when someone is trying to take pictures, it is expected that they look at the camera and smile. Plus, if you are always taking pictures, they may not necessarily have the same reactions as other kids when their picture is being taken. One type of thing you could do is make a sound that kids are usually fascinated by. It could be the sound of someone farting in a pool, or it could be something in your imagination.

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