Thursday, May 27

How we spent our third anniversary

It was a wonderful evening full of giggles and splashing!  Although it definitely was not the classiest dinner ever.  We were going to grill steak and make some yummy sides, but it turned out to be like 100 degrees and disgustingly humid!  Way to hot to make Adam stand over the grill.  So we decided that we would just have life cereal for dinner and drag out the kiddie pool to dip our feet into.  I don't think I have ever felt more like white trash in my entire life.  I suggested that Adam might want to have a beer with that cereal to complete the picture, but we didn't have any and it was too hot to move go get some.  But I actually think this was my favorite anniversary so far!  I suspect it had something to do with a certain little peanut's belly laugh and super awesome dance moves.

Don't worry we did celebrate our anniversary properly last weekend with two nights sans peanut, which was wonderful.  We went into Boston and had a leisurely two hour dinner at Fire n Ice (love love that place, not sure why!), then proceeded to walk all around Boston enjoying each other's company.   At one point we just laid out on the grass for a bit just doing nothing.  It's been a long time since I've just laid on the grass and relaxed.  It's nice. I miss it.  Then Saturday morning we went to see Iron Man 2 (which was actually surprisingly enjoyable) and then spent the afternoon at this pretty oceanside park in Manchester.  In the evening we had a Border's date (hot drinks + books = heaven) and Sunday morning we went grocery shopping.  It was perfect.  Although, I have to admit, I missed my baby girl quite a bit come Sunday morning and was super excited to see her!  She did super well at Grandma and Grandpa's house though and was thoroughly spoiled with a trip to the YMCA, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  We had a very tired little girl on our hands. 

 Perfect, perfect.

Happy Three Years Adam!

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