Tuesday, May 25

There's poop on my floor...

    So after sitting with the peanut literally all afternoon in a sweltering apartment, reading book after book after book, what do I have to show for it?  A huge pile of poop on my floor. (Again!) So here's the potty situation update.  I've been a total slacker at it.  We did one naked week, and then one week of being naked after naps and first thing in the morning.  And then we did nothing for the next week.  Drats.  Not my proudest mommy moment.
  But I thought that we had at least made progress.  She has been telling me when she has pooped in her diaper by saying "uh-oh" and holding her nose (which is actually really cute).  So after a whole afternoon of no pooping I knew that we were due for a big one.  (she's very regular, twice a day usually, although not at scheduled times which is annoying- we never know when they will show up)  She was a little farty so I sat her on the potty for ten minutes, and nothing.  I go into the kitchen for two seconds to refill her cup and I come back to her calmly standing over her poop.  She's like a ninja pooper!!! There were no sounds, no grunting, no tell tale "uh oh" or "stinky".  There was no frantic running to the potty.  She was literally coloring away while poop slid down her leg.  Classy, I know.  I have a feeling this whole potty training thing is going to take a while... and maybe a bit more consistency on my part.

::sigh:: Not my best mommy day, thank goodness she won't remember any of this.

In other news, my cat also decided today was a good day to poop on the floor.  What is going on around here?  I swear if Adam comes home and poops on the floor I'm running away, and that's a promise. 

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