Thursday, May 6

My Early Mother's Day Present


For Mother's Day this upcoming weekend I asked my wonderful husband for a "patio garden". My downstairs neighbors (whose father owns the house) have a super cute little backyard vegetable garden that they are very generous with. But I'm still jealous that they get to go outside and pick their own produce while I have to wait until they kindly leave it on my porch.
So anyways, two weekends ago we raided Home Depot and ended up with a strawberry plant, some mixed wildflower seeds, a tomato plant, some carrot seeds and various herb seeds. Hooray!
FYI, the correct term is "container garden" and if you google "pot garden" like I did, you will most likely be viewing some impressive examples of plants you definitely should not be growing on your porch. The above picture was taken last week through a screen door during the rain, so please excuse their poor quality. Aren't they cheery though? It makes me happy to open up my screen door and see at least a little bit of color!

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