Wednesday, June 2

Creepy Parade Souvenir

Is it just me, or is this thing Bates Motel creepy? I fell asleep on the couch the other night and found this floating close to my face when I woke up.  I almost peed my pants, I kid you not.

Also, just so you know we are not the kind of parents who would pay $12 to own this grossly oversized thing.  We are the kind of parents who cheer when the vendor goes by and this gets stuck in a tree.  And then I am the kind of mother who sits by and watches while her super kind neighbors repeatedly try to get it out of the tree, and thank them profusely when they present it to their little peanut.  (who of course doesn't get excited at all, even though she screams ELMO every other time she sees him on anything)
And now we're both a little scared of it... so it lurks in our living room and not her bedroom because I think it would be child abuse to send her to bed with this thing.

ps. I had six followers as of yesterday afternoon and now I have 15!  Does that make me seem more legit? I do feel a little bit of pressure to write better now that I am subjecting more people to my rumblings (a mix of ranting and mumbling?)  But then of course the first post I come up with is this dribble about a creepy balloon.... do you guys still even want to be my friend?  I hope so :)

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