Thursday, June 3


This was taken from my front window at 10:45 last night when my neighbor's garage became engulfed in flames! Scary right?  Adam and I had just gone to sleep when I was awakened by shouts of "GET THEM OUT OF THERE! GET EVERYBODY OUT!"  My first thought was one of anger since we are often awakened by angry drunken shouting (we live right down the street from a bar)  But when I went to my front window to see what the shouting was about, that is what I saw! And since we live really close to the fire and ambulance dispatch stations there were like four firetrucks and two ambulances as well as a volunteer fire-fighting group.  The fire appeared to be done within ten minutes, but then when we thought it was out, it blazed up again! Luckily, they had the fire completely out within 15-20 minutes.  Nobody was hurt, although the garage and a car were completely destroyed. And according to the news they still haven't figured out what caused the fire to start in the first place. 

  But I know that I will sleep a little sounder tonight knowing how quickly everyone responded to my neighbor's distress!  It's  nice to know we're in competant hands here.  And thank you Lord that everyone made it out unscathed.  It's a densely populated area with lots of multi-family houses and young families.  This could have been so much worse!  That's enough excitement for the week thank you!

Oh and also, Emma slept through the whole thing! And her bedroom window (which faces the steeet) was wide open! How is that even possible that she could sleep through that but wake up if I creep open her door to check on her?

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