Saturday, July 31

Hot Date!

We're at my in-laws house, about to escape for the night!  We'll all sleep here, but after we put her to bed, we're heading to the drive-in!  Can you tell I'm excited?  And guess what we're seeing?  Despicable Me and Inception :)  Hooray!  Let's hope I can stay awake through five hours of movie and hope I don't regret staying out until 1:00 am in the morning... Oh well, we're making memories here right?  Plus we're seeing two movies for twenty bucks.   So that's awesome.  And we have a pathfinder, so we just push down the backseat, lay out some pillows and blankets and voila! we're watching movies in bed outside.  It's sort of like camping, right? Let the canoodling commence!  Because the best kinds of dates are the ones you can canoodle on.  Does anyone else think the word canoodle is hysterical?  No? Just me?  That's alright. Let's hope we don't run the battery out (ok so that wasn't technically correct at all...)

Any awesome drive in memories to share? I know they're out there :)

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