Monday, July 26

Late Night Ramblings

I apologize for the lack of posts last week.  Seriously, I couldn't find the time to write one?  Good gracious  I'm lazy super busy lately.  I thought of a lot of funny ones and serious ones, but it's 11:30 and I never ever ever ever stay up this late on weekdays. (and barely ever on weekends) So I'm pretty brain dead right now.   I just spent like three hours trying to fix up the blog format, because my free background pooped out on me?? And I didn't even notice because I didn't even check the blog at all last week.  Shameless negelct.  Worst blogger of the year, right here. 
  Also I'm the worlds biggest retard when it comes to anything involving computer language.  So I'm pretty proud of myself for getting any kind of background up here.  But honestly, what do you guys think?   Is my blog ok to look at?  Is there anything I really need to work on (besides posting regularly...) format wise?  And if there is, please let me in on any secrets regarding how to go about fixing said problems.
   I think tomorrow I will probably attempt a real post, and if I get some time to myself, maybe try and add one of those awesome post divider/signatures to the end of my posts.  But that may be waaaaay too ambitious.  We'll see.

Good night!
::insert cute post divider here::

1 comment:

Flobear said...

I would love to know how you made the blog look like that because I am having issues with mine.

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