Monday, August 23

Congrats Little Brother!

Congratulations Kenny! Notice how "little" he is compared to me 

My "little" brother graduated from Wentworth Institute yesterday afternoon!  We are all extremely proud of him, as it's been tough going these last four years, between qualifying for loans, and even having to commute at times!  He is now the proud owner of a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and while I have virtually no idea what that actually means, I'm impressed all the same.

Now who wants to hire him?

Love you little brother!


Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

congrats to your brother! thats a big achievement!

I definitely had to rip out A LOT of stitches in the beginning of my quilt... At a couple of points I had to get up and walk away from it. Once I was able to get my hands moving fast enough it turned out ok... but it's definitely not perfect... the pictures lie a little!! lol

Marie said...

Hey there,

I'm your newest follower from Buzz on by Thursday. Please come by anytime you get a moment for a visit.


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