Thursday, August 12

Shaving with Daddy

My little girl seriously loves her daddy!  She wants to do pretty much anything he is doing, and be with him while he's doing it.  Which brings me to the following pictures.  What was she doing, you may rightly ask?  Why shaving her face of course, I would reply!  Obviously!

 I think she may have missed a few spots...

And speaking of things on her face... the other day while mommy was in the bathroom, Emma got a hold of a navy blue fabric marker.   And I did what any good mother would do, I grabbed a camera and snapped a few pictures! 

Serves me right for thinking I could go to the bathroom alone. But seriously, she kind of did a really good job on her face.  I was a little impressed.  I think they look kind of tribal?  Maybe she has a future as a tatoo artist!

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