Tuesday, August 17

Social Spark

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I have been very envious of all the mommy blogs out there that have so many great product reviews on them, so I decided to give SocialSpark a try.  I have recently seen a few blogs with positive reviews about the products and services they have obtained from this website, so it appeared  to be legitimate.  It also seems to offer a way to make money by matching bloggers with relevant ads that can than be placed on your site to start bringing in a little extra income.  And we can always use that around here! Being a stay at home mom does have it's disadvantages. (the biggest being having only one income currently)

The sign up process was very easy and took me less than ten minutes. (which was fantastic because as a mom that's about as much free time as I have during the day!)
I was asked to fill out basic information (name, address, email etc.), to write a description of my blog along with some relevant tags, and to pick the category I thought my blog would fit into best.
Then just to verify that I do in fact own my own blog, I was asked to insert a small amount of code into the body of my blog in order to claim it as my own.  For a minute I was intimidated by this, as I am not a fan of messing with my HTML code, but the instructions were very clear.  Even someone as code inept as I could very easily manage this step.   And it didn't make any visible changes to my blog.  Phew!  I've worked hard to make it look like this!

As I have just signed up, I haven't had much of a chance to interact with this site yet, but I will try to keep anybody who is interested, informed as to how effective it actually is.  I am hoping to trade some free product for honest reviews from my family and maybe possibly make some spare change as well!

Does anyone have any experience with SocialSpark that they'd like to share?  Any knowledge you have about using this site would be much appreciated, positive or negative.

If you are interested in checking this site out for yourself, please feel free to click on the purple button at the bottom of this post!

Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!


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