Tuesday, October 19

Big News for our Family!

    So I feel that I must apologize once again for neglecting the blog, but I have a good reason this time!  A really good reason!  I've been a little preoccupied because about two months ago we decided it was time to start working on Royling #2! 

    I have to confess that I was a little disappointed when month one came and went because we got pregnant as soon as we started talking about it with Emma! But last week, two pregnancy tests confirmed what we've been hoping and praying for  :)

      Emma's going to be a big sister!

Most people would probably wait a few weeks before announcing this to the world, but not us.  We like to share things.  I'm also possibly the world's most impatient person so the wait would have killed me.

We're hoping for another one just like this, (except hopefully this one will enjoy sleeping)

Photo Courtesy of Katherine McClure Photography
Also if you click on Pawtucket Wedding, that's ours!
   This pregnancy already feels very different to me.  With Emma, the day after I found out I was puking my brains out.  And that continued into the second trimester.  I just got used to getting up, puking, eating breakfast going to work, puking, going to class, puking, coming home and well you get the idea.... 

   So far with this pregnancy, even though we're just a few weeks in, I've just been very tired.  Like going to bed at 8:30 kind of tired. (Hence the lack of blogging)  Chasing a two year old around all day may also have something to do with that.....
   I will definitely be keeping you all informed throughout the pregnancy, and my aim is to update once a week or so.  (when I can stay awake)



KellyW said...

Congratulations! I just found out we are expecting our 2nd too in early June. When are you due? I am also extremely tired and in bed by 8:30ish most nights. So far, no sickness for me either.

Momma Chantal said...

Congrats! So exciting!!

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Shanee said...

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~Dawn~ said...

YAY for your family!! Congrats on the soon to be addition. Emma will be a great big sis!

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