Tuesday, December 14

DIY Playkitchen!

Before reading any further you should go back and read this post, so you're all caught up :)
I apologize for taking so very long to post the second installment.

But if you can remember that far back, this is what our nightstand looked like before we got a hold of it and transformed it into a playkitchen for the peanut!

And this is what it looks like now:

Ta Da!!!

A real faucet with moveable knobs!
A "sink" made out of a stainless steel bowl,
Burners made out of popscicle sticks,
and stove dials that also move!

A sweet little chalkboard on one side to write out menus,

And a shelf that I made in woodshop approximately 100 years ago, on the other side! 

And inside we have a cookie cooling rack for an oven shelf!

A clock with hands that move,
a hook for hanging potholders or utensils,

And other pretty little details! 

So what do you think?  Is it an improvement?
Peanut loves it, and has spent many hours since we've given it to her, playing hostess.  She is constantly making cookies, or soup or pizza and serving it to anyone who comes into the house!

So all in all, we're pretty please with the result, and I think it was a pretty fantastic early birthday present!


Momma Chantal said...

That came out AWESOME!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! You should make a few more and sell them! I bet you could get at least $75 a pop if not more!!

Liz said...

OH my good gravy! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am going to copy it...ha ha. No, I am not that kind of crafty. But maybe I could get my sis to do it for me.

Following you back via Wed Blog Hop from lil-LIZ-bits, lil-bits from my Homeschooling Navy Wife Life Mom-prenuer adventures. Love to see you on Facebook too!

Mika said...

Hi! I'm following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com


Keli said...

WOW. I am impressed! Where do I place my order? I'd LOVE it if hubby would make something like that. So creative!!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest thing! I am going to have to remember this idea if we ever have a little girl!

Charity said...

Wow! That's amazing, Mel. What a great idea, and very green. I'm super impressed. Matt and I are still holding off on kids, but I definitely wanna remember this awesome idea. :)

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