Wednesday, December 15

Wednesday Blog Hops

I've been really slacking at blog hopping lately, so here's where you can find me today!  In other news:

I've baked three lasagnas today, cleaned up the disaster of a kitchen that followed the assembly of lasagna, unclogged a toilet, changed three diapers, done two loads of laundry, made a special birthday breakfast for my husband, froze two lasagnas, unclogged a sink and saved the world. 
     Ok, I really didn't save the world, but it kind of feels like I did :) Maybe a little?

   Still to go: Return library books, buy stamps, make a salad, mail out christmas cards and put away laundry.  Enjoy lasagna! Then put Emma to bed and enjoy some quiet time with my 28 year old husband and a cheap bottle of wine.  Simple things, right?

Happy Birthday Adam! I love you.




Kathy said...

What exactly is blog hopping wednesday?

Also, this morning I took a shower and got dressed, played with animals with Lucy, and got us both breakfast. Your post made me feel somewhat less than productive :)

I admire your motivation today!

Jumping Jack said...

Happy Birthday to the hubs! A cheap bottle of wine sounds fantastic right about now! HA!

You have been so productive today! Wish you would send a lasagna my way!

Have a great evening!

Keli said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Sounds like you got a lot done today! I'm following you back now!

Hope to see you at my blog hop, Friendly Wednesday, next week!

The Mrs. said...

Ninja moves! Nice! I love that feeling of production :)

Following you back!

YUMMama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the hubby. Kudos to you for baking not one but three lasagnas. I would have been worn out just doing that.

Returning the follow love from YUMMommy.

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