Friday, January 13

Asher at four months

Time is going by so quickly little boy! Please slow down so mommy can enjoy this squishy phase!  You are still such a little cuddle bug and cannot sleep unless there is something soft for you to hold on to.

You no longer sleep through the night most nights (which is sad), but you are still a better sleeper than your big sister ever was.  We have had some really rough nights lately though.  I try to look at it as quality mommy-son time. 

You are now holding your head up really well, and this means that you can ride forward facing in your infant carrier (that mommy wears).   And you can sit like this on the couch with mommy and daddy: 

You are still a pretty happy little guy and smile at us all the time!  Most of the time all mommy has to do is look at you and smile and you smile right back! 
And your chubby super kissable cheeks and bald bald head are an endless source of amusement to both family and complete strangers.

Mommy has started calling you "Bubs".  I'm not sure why, but it seems to be sticking.  Daddy doesn't like it a lot, but I've caught him using it a couple of times! We also call you super flattering things like "chunka munk" or "monkey man" and also "little guy".  You don't seem to mind very much :)  You're pretty obliging that way. 

You are also semi obsessed with your own feet. This sometimes makes it very difficult for mommy to change your diaper.  It looks like this:

We love you so much my little guy! (even your big sister) 

and one last picture just because it makes me laugh :)

(look at that face!) 


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