Friday, January 13

Emma at three

Let's start with some recent quotes:

Some are sweet:
   " mommy move your arms so I can get into your snuggle"
and " I love you too!"  (even when nobody has said it to her first)

Some are hilarious:
     " Daddy, when I grow up and my boobs are bigger than I can help mommy feed baby Asher" (can't wait to bring that one up when they are teenagers!)

and some are borderline hurtful to mommy's feelings (but pretty hilarious anyway)
  Here is Asher with his little cute face, and here is mommy with her big mommy bum and here is daddy with long long legs and beautiful eyelashes"

And move on to some recent accomplishments:

    ~ pooping and peeing on the grownup potty! (Hoorah!)
    ~ staying dry through the night in underwear
    ~ wearing underwear all the time
    ~ getting dressed herself (this one takes a lot of patience on mommy's part...)
    ~ drawing people that actually look like people (or blobs with recognizable facial features)
    ~ somersaulting down the wedge in tumbling class

and here are some recent pictures: 

Love you little girl!


1 comment:

Rachel Martin said...

Emma looks GORGEOUS in that middle picture!

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