Thursday, May 13

Potty Training Update

So it's been almost two weeks since we started potty training, and I had yet to post the embarassing "on the pot" pictures.  So here are a few of my favorites, or at least the ones I feel comfortable sharing online.

Above we have singing on the potty

Awesome butt shot of both my girls!

A sexy lip pout

Strategically placed book!

And this one is just pure joy.  Yes, that is her happy face.  We've been over this ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the one of the cat and emma

Anonymous said...

She needs a massive cock like mine up her anus and pussy and her little pussy lips ate, licked and bite while she quivers with enjoyment

Anonymous said...

I have a massive 9in 6 in wide cock ready for her

Anonymous said...

I tame her little kitty

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