Friday, May 21


Sorry I've been slacking at updating this!  Things got away from me this week due to a total lack of sleep.  Peanut is notorious for waking up every twenty minutes on teething nights.  Luckily these hellish weeks are generally followed by at least a week or two of really good sleep!  (knock on wood) But the fantastic thing is that she now has 16 teeth and that is all she should (again knock on wood) be getting for at least 6 months.  So let the sleeping through the night recommence!!!  I choose to be  naive optimistic about these things.

In other news, I'm wicked excited about this weekend, which is Adam and I's anniversary weekend!  Our anniversary is really the 26th but my family is taking the peanut for the whole weekend, so we're celebrating starting tonight!  A hotel was not really in our budget this year, but this is just as good.  We are heading into Boston for dinner and drinks tonight and tomorrow we are seeing a movie!!  As my husband would say (he's a weirdo quirky) "Huzzah!"  It is our third anniversary and we still love each other so in your face ridiculous American  divorce rate!

But anyways, as an apology for being such a slacker this week, I offer you these pictures.  The first is a fairly decent shot of the hubs and I.  The second is hysterical. 

Here's to hoping this weekend lives up to expectations! :)


Jake and Lauren said...

that picture of Emma is hilarious!!

Chantal said...

Our third anniversary is the 26th as well. Happy Anniversary!!

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