Tuesday, November 15

So I haven't updated since February... super fail. Since I can't possibly catch up on everything that has happened since then, I'm just going to start from the present.  Beginning with:

Asher James Roy 

Born on September 17th 2011
Weighing 8lbs and 1 ounce

I think I will save his labor story for a different post, as it is a bit on the complicated side.  Fast forward to today though, and he is already two months old, and very healthy!

His current skills include:
Sleeping through the night (mommy's personal favorite!)

Lifting his head up off the ground (and holding it upright most of the time)

and Smiling Socially! (mostly at mommy, but sometimes at Emma or Daddy)

oh, and in his spare time he commands the USS Enterprise!
(more on that in a later post )

He's also pretty proficient in drooling, spitting up, and pooping but I will spare you those pictures ;)
All in all, he's a wonderful, good-natured, happy little man!  I think we will keep him for now! 


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